Michele Ferrero, Salesian of Don Bosco, Catholic Priest, was born in Cuneo (Italy) in 1967.

He holds a Degree (Laurea) in Classical Literature from the State University of Torino (Italy, 1994), a Licence in Theology from St. Patrick Pontifical University (Maynooth, Ireland, 1996) and a Doctorate in Moral Theology (Fu Jen Catholic University, Taipei, 2004).

He also studied at the Salesian Pontifical UniversitY (Rome and Torino, Italy).

He belongs to the China Province of the Salesians and has served in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Shanghai.

He has published several articles and two books about Chinese culture.

E' un volume di quasi 400 pagine, edito dalla Fu Jen Catholic University Press di Taipei (Taiwan). Il titolo completo "THE CULTIVATION OF VIRTUE in Matteo Ricci's - The True Meaning of the Lord of Heaven - ISSUES FOR MORAL THEOLOGY".

Non in vendita nelle librerie, ma pu essere richiesto a don Michele.

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